Lindsay Condefer, of Philadelphia, holds Lentil, a French bulldog and national ambassador for canines with craniofacial deformities. They have not only been active in Best Friends Bash but many other activities nationally, traveling thousands of miles annually.

Best Friends Bash: Where many compelling life lessons unfold among patients, dogs, owners and practitioners

If you take anything away from the therapeutic Best Friends Bash in Philadelphia each July, it’s simply—our face does not define us. Yes, we see companies spend millions each year on print, TV and online advertising of beauty products, but after an hour or so at the Bash where human and canine craniofacial patients interact […]

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Newtown-Guy Bacon (4)

The Dogs of Newtown

No one can capture the heart and soul of the therapy dogs of Newtown (Conn.) like a youthful recipient. And no better person than 11-year-old Guy Bacon, whose sister Charlotte was one of the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings in December 2012. A beneficiary of the hands-on goodwill dispersed by these […]

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Silent Creed

“Slient Creed”

“Silent Creed,” by Alex Kava. G.P. Putnam’s Sons. $26.95. Murders, secrets, lies, political cover-up, a devastating mudslide, an edgy relationship and search-and-rescue dogs add up to a fast-paced, riveting read in this second Ryder Creed novel set in contrasting environments of Washington, D.C., and North Carolina’s Haywood County. Boasting more twists and turns than a […]

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Among the Wolves

“Among the Wolves”

“Among the Wolves,” by Toni Shelbourne. Hubble & Hattie. $16.99. I read—and only wished it could have been me up close and personal with these mesmerizing and sometimes mystical creatures. Shelbourne worked for the UK Wolf Conservation Trust from 2001–2010, where she served as a senior wolf handler and education officer while bonding closely with […]

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Lawyer for the Dog-cropped

“Lawyer for the Dog”

“Lawyer for the Dog,” by Lee Robinson. Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press, $24.99. It wasn’t exactly the ending I envisioned, but this fun-filled Southern-based novel is a clever and amusing portrayal of a middle-aged attorney Sarah Baynard and Sherman, a miniature schnauzer that suddenly becomes the conduit for every relationship in her life. The author, […]

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Talking with Dogs and Cats

“Talking with Dogs and Cats

“Talking with Dogs and Cats,” by Tim Link. New World Library. $14.95. This primer for maximizing your relationship with your pets is akin to a college or professional football coach’s playbook designed to produce cohesiveness and teamwork on the field and off. Link seeks to establish a pathway for owner understanding of the pet’s bark […]

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