Elle & Coach

“Elle & Coach”

“Elle & Coach,” by Stefany Shaheen with Mark Dagostino. Hachette Books, $27. Educational and engaging, this emotionally powerful read travels the slippery slope of a family in near chaos to one that slowly transitions to confidence and control. The authors frame young Elle’s odyssey from her original Type 1 diabetes diagnosis in November 2007 through […]

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The Rescued Dog Problem Solver

“The Rescued Dog Problem Solver”

The Rescued Dog Problem Solver, by Tracy Libby. I-5 Publishing. $19.95. Rescue dogs come packaged with a checkered past and plenty of uncertainty. Consequently, fashioning a well-balanced guidebook for preparation and managing that waif has been almost non-existent until now. It’s not like you can turn to match.com or one of its equivalents and maneuver […]

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Silent Creed

“Slient Creed”

“Silent Creed,” by Alex Kava. G.P. Putnam’s Sons. $26.95. Murders, secrets, lies, political cover-up, a devastating mudslide, an edgy relationship and search-and-rescue dogs add up to a fast-paced, riveting read in this second Ryder Creed novel set in contrasting environments of Washington, D.C., and North Carolina’s Haywood County. Boasting more twists and turns than a […]

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