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Elle & Coach

“Elle & Coach”

“Elle & Coach,” by Stefany Shaheen with Mark Dagostino. Hachette Books, $27. Educational and engaging, this emotionally powerful read travels the slippery slope of a family in near chaos to one that slowly transitions to confidence and control. The authors frame young Elle’s odyssey from her original Type 1 diabetes diagnosis in November 2007 through […]

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The Rescued Dog Problem Solver

“The Rescued Dog Problem Solver”

The Rescued Dog Problem Solver, by Tracy Libby. I-5 Publishing. $19.95. Rescue dogs come packaged with a checkered past and plenty of uncertainty. Consequently, fashioning a well-balanced guidebook for preparation and managing that waif has been almost non-existent until now. It’s not like you can turn to or one of its equivalents and maneuver […]

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Lindsay Condefer, of Philadelphia, holds Lentil, a French bulldog and national ambassador for canines with craniofacial deformities. They have not only been active in Best Friends Bash but many other activities nationally, traveling thousands of miles annually.

Best Friends Bash: Where many compelling life lessons unfold among patients, dogs, owners and practitioners

If you take anything away from the therapeutic Best Friends Bash in Philadelphia each July, it’s simply—our face does not define us. Yes, we see companies spend millions each year on print, TV and online advertising of beauty products, but after an hour or so at the Bash where human and canine craniofacial patients interact […]

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