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Thanks to plenty of teamwork and solid networking, Rudy’s star shines bright in court and rescue circles

    If there is a subject that embodies the definition of underdog, it’s Rudy, whose odyssey is an intoxicating blend of tension and passion. We Americans love our underdogs, no matter what the playing field, from politics to sports, from business to personal life. They are scrappy and defy the odds of winning—or in […]

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Lindsay Condefer, of Philadelphia, holds Lentil, a French bulldog and national ambassador for canines with craniofacial deformities. They have not only been active in Best Friends Bash but many other activities nationally, traveling thousands of miles annually.

Best Friends Bash: Where many compelling life lessons unfold among patients, dogs, owners and practitioners

If you take anything away from the therapeutic Best Friends Bash in Philadelphia each July, it’s simply—our face does not define us. Yes, we see companies spend millions each year on print, TV and online advertising of beauty products, but after an hour or so at the Bash where human and canine craniofacial patients interact […]

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This ‘Iranian princess’ has found joy and trust in her Tacoma area surroundings

“She’s my Iranian princess,” says a 23-year-old smiling Angelina Johnson, while cuddling 72-pound Honey, an Anatolian shepherd mix, following an obedience class at Paws-Abilities Total Dog Center in Fife. “She has blossomed into my best friend and partner,” adds Johnson, a 23-year-old University Place (Pierce County) resident who adopted the dog from Saving Great Animals, […]

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Listen up! Communication skills move right alongside professsional expertise for well-rounded veterinarians

Think about it for a minute. You’ve been told by your veterinarian that your beloved dog has a complex, potentially fatal disorder with which you are uncertain how to proceed. This is a gut check for the entire family – and totally unexpected. You’re feeling blindsided and suddenly find yourself quickly looking for direction down […]

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Because Team Gus is all about commitment, communication and options, this young boxer is enjoying a quality of life

Which one of us wouldn’t do everything possible for our ailing dog in a time of need? Being proactive on his/her behalf is only part of our commitment and responsibility. The other segment of the equation is knowledge of every option available and communication with the veterinary team. From death’s doorstep to a normal life […]

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Following an agility practice, Timbers relaxes with Anja, left, and Loki, her prime de-stressors from her 911 call-taking position.

For This Longtime 911 Call Taker, Anja and Loki are Her Relief Valves After a Trying Day at Work

As a 911 Southsound (Tacoma) communications officer for 26 years, Shelley Timbers has heard it all – sometimes desperate, all too often outlandish. In a sense, she is a first responder and faceless voice of reason and calm for the public’s calls during her eight- and 10-hour, plus overtime, shifts. But it’s a job that […]

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