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Following an agility practice, Timbers relaxes with Anja, left, and Loki, her prime de-stressors from her 911 call-taking position.

For This Longtime 911 Call Taker, Anja and Loki are Her Relief Valves After a Trying Day at Work

As a 911 Southsound (Tacoma) communications officer for 26 years, Shelley Timbers has heard it all – sometimes desperate, all too often outlandish. In a sense, she is a first responder and faceless voice of reason and calm for the public’s calls during her eight- and 10-hour, plus overtime, shifts. But it’s a job that […]

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Calvin won Select Dog in Chihuahua breed competition at Westminster this year.

They Came, They Stayed and They Learned About Dogs – But More Important, Education and Work Ethics

From Iceland to Ireland, five young women aged 14 to 22 have come to Tacoma since 2011, hoping to glean the intricacies and work ethics of another culture. It’s no coincidence that their hosts, John and Tammie Wilcox, own a commercial dog and cat boarding, grooming and training facility and are longtime professional handlers, for […]

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Knopa, the Scottish Terrier, with handler Rebecca Cross   Photo: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

While She Was Competing at Seattle Kennel Club Show, Huber Was Savoring a Best-In-Show Win at Crufts

It was almost surreal. Vandra Huber was sitting with friends Sunday watching best-in-show streaming video of Crufts at the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show in CenturyLink Field Event Center while breed competition was going on all around her. The University of Washington professor of human-resources management who had given the school her retirement notice two […]

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Sandra Town and Sam at Duke Cancer Center

From Whimsical to Psychological Crutches, These Westminster Teams All Have Their Special Stories

You probably didn’t see them while watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on nationwide TV last month or on streaming video from your home computer. But each of these earthy vignettes of owners and dogs epitomize the deep-rooted, heart and soul of the human-animal bond. With staggering intimacy and true grit, they showcase commitment […]

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