Trudy’s Battle of Bulge Weighs Heavily on Family

OK, I admit it. I am a fitness freak, particularly when it comes to dogs. And when you see estimates that 40 percent of our canine population is overweight, it’s frightening. A dog is considered overweight, according to veterinarians, if it is 5 per cent to 19 percent above its ideal weight. An obese dog […]

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To The Rescue

To The Rescue:
Found Dogs With a Mission

by Elise Lufkin, photographs by Diana Walker, Skyhorse Publishing.  $19.95 Nicely crafted in the owners’ words, 53 rags-to-riches vignettes mix despair and exhilaration while showcasing the incredible role animals can play in our everyday lives. This is all about owners saving pets’ lives and dogs repaying those same owners by becoming solid partners on service-and […]

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Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Redemption

by Stefan Bechtel, National Geographic Books, $26 Inspiring and invigorating best capture this 290-page volume of compelling vignettes at Best Friends’ Dogtown “campus” in remote Kanab, Utah, elevation 5,000 feet. The four-legged residents come from the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, Puerto Rico and across the U.S., plus the homes and backyards of animal hoarders and […]

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Don't Dump The Dog - Jacket Art

Don’t Dump the Dog:
Outrageous Stories and Simple Solutions to Your Worst Dog Behavior Problems

by Randy Grim with Melinda Roth, Skyhorse Publishing. $14.95 Abandoned street dogs are Randy Grim’s specialty. Founder and owner of Stray Rescue in St. Louis, this guy has seen it all and in the process turned around the lives of countless homeless animals.  But it hasn’t been easy. Despite the title, this is an upbeat, […]

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