Dogs & Devotion

by the Monks of New Skete. Hyperion. $16.99 This invigorating celebratory portrait of man’s love affair with the dog succinctly captures the very best of what the species is all about. Each entry, or meditation, is complemented with a photo illustrating its heart and soul. The authors begin with a quote from Ecclesiastes: 6:14-16: “A […]

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Avril is one of 26 dogs that made the long trip from Ennis, Texas to Washington state.  She is now living happily in a foster home learning about life in a house setting awaiting someone to adopt her.

Rescue is Just the Beginning

When it comes to saving dogs’ lives, animal rescue has no boundaries for Ginger Luke of Seattle and Melissa Lingk of Tacoma. Both receive their share of angry e-mails for bringing in animals from far outside the Puget Sound area, fostering them and then finding “forever homes” for them.

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Trudy’s Battle of Bulge Weighs Heavily on Family

OK, I admit it. I am a fitness freak, particularly when it comes to dogs. And when you see estimates that 40 percent of our canine population is overweight, it’s frightening. A dog is considered overweight, according to veterinarians, if it is 5 per cent to 19 percent above its ideal weight. An obese dog […]

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To The Rescue

To The Rescue:
Found Dogs With a Mission

by Elise Lufkin, photographs by Diana Walker, Skyhorse Publishing.  $19.95 Nicely crafted in the owners’ words, 53 rags-to-riches vignettes mix despair and exhilaration while showcasing the incredible role animals can play in our everyday lives. This is all about owners saving pets’ lives and dogs repaying those same owners by becoming solid partners on service-and […]

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