“It’s a Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide to Four-Legged Living”

By Wendy Diamond. Ballantine Books.  $25.

If you like glitz and own a Velcro dog, then you’ll enjoy this chatty, self-absorbed read.

Diamond, the founder and executive editor of Animal Fair magazine who coined term “pet lifestyle,” talks diet, party, makeover, fashion and travel in this powdery , yet passionate, chic guide.

Diamond’s advice varies from flooring to fabric and from environment to travel planning. Within each chapter is a Lucky (her Maltese) sidebar of tips or answers to a writer’s questions.

If you’re looking for new information here, you won’t find a lot. One of the best chapters deals with the most pet-friendly hotels in an assortment of U.S. cities. Have any idea which one she picked in Seattle? The Hotel Monaco gets the nod.

Fun-filled chapters include How to Be a Party Animal, which ranges from fashion to food; Marrying Your Breed and Your Brood, a look at the American Kennel Club’s seven major groups, plus designer dogs, mixed breeds and hypoallergenic breeds; Mutt Makeover, tips for grooming and bathing your dog; Fashion Has Gone to the Dogs!, don’t get me started there.

Written with infectious enthusiasm, this volume is certain to appeal to those individuals who love to dress their dogs, plan parties for them and make certain they’re alongside on every trip.