“Dogs & The Women Who Love Them”

Edited by Allen and Linda Anderson. New World Library. $14.95.


It’s no secret that there’s an incredible nationwide love affair going on between women and dogs. I’ve seen it first hand for several years in pet rescue work and have sought to nail down the trigger mechanisms.


I’ve often wondered why women outnumber men 10-1 or more at a particular training session or rescue deployment. This gritty, far-ranging mix master of stories identifies a few basics, targeting the special interspecies attraction, which the authors beautifully capture in the introduction, “Women and dogs dance in harmony with life. As long as they are partners, it doesn’t matter if the dance turns gentle, stormy, joyous or heartbreaking. They take turns leading and following. They adapt. Simply put, they get each other.”


Twenty-two colorful stories under three headings – loyalty, healing and embracing life – get to the heart of the incredible two-legged, four-legged bond, from life-saving heroics to offering revealing cues about a man’s character that heads off a potentially devastating hookup or prompts a warm, fulfilling relationship.  


Packed with vivid characters, zippy anecdotes and memorable moments, “Dogs & the Women Who Love Them” blends spirit and spunk into absorbing first-person narratives that inspire, empower, enlighten and have you begging for more.