Dogs on Duty


At some point in the new school year, your child will undoubtedly be required to write a book report. Put this engaging resource at the top of his/her list.

Patent’s smooth writing style complemented by a terrific mix of photos detail the role of the Military Working Dog in war and peace.

The significance of the MWD assumed an all new persona with Cairo, a Belgian Malinois that played a key role in the successful raid of Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound in May 2011.

Patent details the changing role and the versatility of the MWD since World War II, then takes the young reader through the process of puppyhood, dog/handler training and eventually the war zone, “where the danger is real and not pretend.”

Most of her material is gleaned from interviews and observations at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, the military’s chief training site for a wide mix of dogs since 1972.

Vibrant packaging, featuring vignettes of Iraq and Afghan war hero teams, adds a powerful and compelling finishing touch to this superb work.

“Dogs on Duty” puts the big picture of the Military Working Dog in a rich context that will leave the young reader feeling like he/she has been on an enriching tour of duty and with a new sense of appreciation about the capabilities of these highly trained animals.