Book it! Here are some gift ideas bound to please that dog lover


By Ranny Green

If you’re visiting this web site, you’re undoubtedly a dog lover. So, in our annual attempt to put you ahead of the curve with holiday shopping, we’re offering some literary options that are sure to be a big hit with dog-loving friends and relatives.

Each of these review/features will give you a taste of what’s inside and whether you can put a bow on it for the recipient. They include Jon Katz’s dynamite “Dancing Dogs,” a hybrid of 16 short stories; a colorful showcase “The Spirit of the Dog; “The Dog with the Old Soul,” an anthology of worldwide accounts of the human-animal companion bond; “Little Boy Blue,” a puppy’s rescue from death row and his owner’s journey for truth. All are sobering, focused and powerful.

In another vein you’ll be introduced to “Facing Farewell: Making the Decision to Euthanize Your Pet”; “Dogs of War,” vignettes of three famous World War II era pooches; “I’m a Good Dog,” a tribute to one of America’s most popular but misunderstood breeds, the pit bull; and a riveting “A Dog Named Boo,” about how a dog and a woman rescued each other – and the lives they transformed along the way.