Tiny Confessions

Tiny Confessions

Tiny Confessions
“Tiny Confessions: The Secret Thoughts of Dogs, Cats, and Everything,” by Christopher Rozzi. Perigee. $14.

Rozzi, a New York City artist, writer and comedian, presents a whimsical with a twist of wonderment package of colorful
full-page portraits complemented with each animal’s innermost thoughts.

Rozzi manages to get inside the head of a wide assortment of dog breeds and a few feline friends, too, while capturing a priceless facial expression to match the subject’s brief commentary.

Here is a taste of what you find inside the 88-page hardcover:

“I believe I will be a great hunter, once my legs grow in fully.” Dachshund

“I have begun the lengthy process of judging your new friend.” Boxer

“I would probably even befriend your enemies.” Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

“I am a surprisingly complex tapestry of feelings and emotions.” Rottweiler

“I often have no idea what I am laughing about.” Old English Sheepdog

This is a perfect gift for the pet owner, friend or someone in need of a good laugh in these complex and challenging times.