Bless the Dogs

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“Bless the Dogs,” by The Monks of New Skete. Photography by Vincent Remini. Center Street. $20.
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Meditations, The Monks of New Skete and compelling photography: What a treasure trove!

This colorful volume is a sharply etched portrait into the Cambridge, N.Y., monks’ world, in which they bred, raised and trained German shepherds at their monastery for more than four decades.

Five of their previous volumes have been big sellers and this one – a celebration of our dynamic bond with dogs – connects powerfully to readers, too.

Here are several resonating passages – you’ll need to visualize the enriching photos on the adjoining pages:

“When you start and end your day with your dog by your side, life is lighter and brighter.”

“Dogs wander in their own universe and resist being judged by human standards.”

“Dogs are subjects in the kingdom of now, fully present to the pulse of each moment.”

“How we interact with a dog reflects our general attitude to God and nature, a tell-tale sign of the soul.”

“What other creature is so able to pierce the veneer of our defenses?”

Powerful, yet subtle, “Bless the Dogs” boasts a spirit packed with nuggets of insight and wisdom for anyone who has ever been owned by a dog.