Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology

Encyclopedia of K-9Terminology small

“Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology,” by Edward M. Gilbert and Patricia H. Gilbert. Illustrations by Dan Sayers. Dogwise Publishing. $49.95 Encyclopedia of K-9Terminology

Wow! This is one of those rare volumes you receive for review and all you can do is simply marvel at the breadth of the content and presentation.

With 800-plus pages of definitions, explanations and illustrations, the authors leave no stone unturned for the breeder, fancier and even the veterinarian. This isn’t one of those elementary get-acquainted-with-the-dog books, rather a substantive resource for those whom dogs are a deeply engrained part of their lifestyle and culture.

Because of the depth and complexity of this resource, Dogwise assists the reader with a three-part index at the back – by entries, breed and illustrations – allowing you to find your subject with ease.

Chapter headings include Canine Body Systems; Overall Appearance of the Dog; Skin, Hair and Coat; Anatomy Head to Toe; Coat Colors, Patterns and Markings; Temperament and Behavior; Gait; Dog Breeds; Genetics, Breeding, Reproduction, Whelping and Puppy Development; Diseases and Veterinary Care; Grooming, Showing and Judging.

And don’t overlook the often ignored forewords and editor’s note at the outset which deliver solid input about the need for this compendium that required two years to publish and details for how it is organized.

A definitive guide to breed standards, it is packed a wide array of terms associated with many breeds. I’d be willing to bet you are unfamiliar with a good many.

Here are a few:

Sennenhund breeds: German mountain breeds.

Clean boot: A tracking term used for bloodhounds. It means natural scent of man, one that is not strengthened by artificial aids.

Sagaces: Those dogs which hunt together by scent.

Look of the eagle expression: This term is applied to both the Afghan hound and Doberman Pinscher.

Monkey-like facial expression: This description is directed toward the Affenpinscher.

Black Devil: Nickname for the Schipperke.

Diehard: No, we’re not talking a battery here. This name is used to describe the Scottish terrier which exudes ruggedness and power.

Little Brushwood Dog: A name sometimes applied to the Shiba Inu.
Red Devil: We’re not referring to a vacuum but an Irish terrier.

“Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology” frames the big picture of dog sport in a tableau of wide-ranging information, accented with brush strokes of colorful detail.