The Best Dog Tricks on the Planet


“The Best Dog Tricks on the Planet,” by Babette Haggerty with Barbara Call. Page Street Publishing Co. $19.99.9781624140044

Are you looking for something to do with your dog beyond obedience, agility, rally or nose work?

Haggerty, a New York- and Florida-based trainer, delivers a nice set of options in this colorfully packed mosaic designed to strengthen the bond between the two of you from Building Blocks (basic obedience commands) to Show Off Exercises such as climbing a ladder, jumping through a hoop, refusing food, scratch my back, jump over my leg, jump through my arms or go hide.

The engaging guidebook – most entries are limited to a color-coded page – includes an explainer of the trick, hand signal, advice from the expert and problem-solving suggestion or two.

Written in a resilient, can-do spirit, “Dog Tricks” is all about bond building, corrections and praise, and as the author emphasizes, “having fun.”