No Walks? No Worries!

No Walks No Worries

“No Walks? No Worries!,” by Sian Ryan and Helen Zulch and photography by Peter Baumber. Hubble & Hattie. $21.95.

Most longtime dog owners have experienced the angst of how to keep that active dog on a homebound restricted exercise regimen for several weeks due to surgery or a serious illness. No Walks No Worries

This nicely organized showcase takes the reader through a preparatory program for coping with emergency situations and follow-up home care.

The spot-on title captures the upbeat feel for making the four-legged social butterfly comfortable while focused with play things yet limiting its activities both inside and outside the house.

Baumber’s photos fittingly complement the authors’ text throughout, and a worksheet follows each chapter, designed to empower the reader both from a planning and hands-on perspective.

Presented with an adventurous spirit and practicality, this guidebook is packed with a valuable array of tips to help put the brakes on full-speed Fido’s psyche and physicality while connecting refreshingly with readers.