American Kennel Club: The New Complete Dog Book

AKC The New Complete Dog Book

“American Kennel Club: The New Complete Dog Book, 21st edition,” i-5 Press, $49.95.

It’s been almost nine years since the 20th edition of this must-have resource was published. Obviously, plenty has happened in the interim – new breeds have been recognized, some standards have been changed, new events and programs have been instituted. AKC The New Complete Dog Book

Weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces, the 912-page authoritative mosaic profiles all 200 AKC breeds with four pages or more on each, noting year of recognition and parent club contact information, history, form and function, personality traits and maintenance, competition, standard and color photos. Each summation is crafted by the subject’s national breed club and organized within the framework of the AKC’s seven groups and the miscellaneous class.

It begins with a section on canine anatomy, moves to tips for picking the perfect puppy (purebred, of course), then segues into an introduction to the wealth of AKC programs and titled events.

Content, while in a cookie-cutter presentation, is richly informative, candid and crisp and represents a warm invite to get involved in the dynamics of dogdom – either as a responsible owner or passionate competitor.