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The Seattle Kennel Club is enthusiastically following the lead of the American Kennel Club and a growing number of individual kennel clubs around the country in making shows more inclusive for all dogs, including “public” dogs that may not be entered in competitive events.

The Seattle Kennel Club has re-invented its March dog shows with this philosophy in mind. So much so that the club has given the weekend event a new name: “Woof By Woofwest presented by the Seattle Kennel Club.” The name comes with a wink toward the world-famous celebration, “South By Southwest,” held in Austin every year about this time for the past three decades, a convergence of interactive media, film, music and conferences.

It all started with the AKC and its welcoming of mixed breed dogs into its AKC Canine Partners programs, allowing them to compete in performance events.

It continues to grow with individual clubs, such as Portland’s Dog Fanciers Association, the Houston World Series of Dog Shows, the Detroit Kennel Club and others. Demonstration and participation events such as the AKC’s “My Dog Can Do That”, come with trainers provided to work with well-behaved, unentered dogs, teaching some basics about obedience, rally, agility, tricks and more, all activities any dog can enjoy. Add in the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test, the chance to the “Ask the Vet” and the chance to visit with an attorney to help you work on estate planning for your dog, you get the idea.

The number of dogs – well-behaved only need apply – allowed in from the public will be limited in this first year to 25 dogs in the morning and 25 in the afternoon each day, hoping for a manageable total of 100 over the two days. Advance registration is required and a number of rules and guidelines will be in place, and controlled access come with that. Procedures and rules will be announced soon, watch the website for information.

We are glad you are joining us to celebrate our dogs together – we are all dog lovers and we all know that the real Best In Show dog is the one sitting next to us on our couch at home – “Best In Home.”

We have invited you to join us at this historic Woof By Woofwest, the new, expanded event of the Seattle Kennel Club dog show, intended to be more inclusive than just our normal dog show that we have been staging for the past 80+ years. We want to share with you and your dog some of the fun things that we do with our dogs all the time, fun for the dogs and fun for their people.

While you are here, we hope that you will learn about responsible ownership, health care, and activities that you can do with your dog.

We welcome well behaved, well-controlled pets. If your dog is overly excited, barking, jumping, etc., then the atmosphere is probably too stimulating for them, and you should take your dog home, in the best interests of all.

When you arrive, please use the SE street level door for entry. You will need to purchase a ticket for everyone in your party. Your dog gets in for free.


  • One dog per person.
  • Dogs must be at least 6 months of age.
  • Dogs must be current with all of its vaccinations.
  • LEASH PROVIDED: You must use the leash you are given at the door. No flexi-leads or retractable leads.
  • Exercise your dog before entering the Event Center (clean up after your dog). If necessary, use the poop bags you are given at the door and please clean up after your dog. If your dog urinates on the floor, please alert a club member and they will call for cleanup. Please stay in the area until cleanup arrives.


  • “My Dog Can Do That” A trainer will help find out if your dog likes agility, obedience, or can pass novice trick tests.
  • “Ask the Vet” Informational, informal visits (not clinical) with a veterinarian.
  • “After I’m Gone” Visit with attorney Debra Hamilton about estate planning for you and your dog.
  • “Therapy Dogs” Info and testing, you and your dog can be a potential life-changing therapy dog team.
  • “Canine Good Citizen” testing. Part of the AKC Family Dog Program, CGC provides a first step in training your dog. Along the way, you will enhance the bond with your dog. A well-behaved dog is a happy dog, after all.
  • Watch demonstrations and competition in agility, the dog show, flying disks, and much more.
  • Vendors: Take your dog to the vendors area and try on some collars or jackets or a new leash; find the latest artwork and food dishes, dog games, toys, and much, much more.
  • Visit our charity, rescue, and breed booths

General information is available at the entry door and also at the front desk at the northwest entry door for the general public. Ask questions of anyone wearing a name tag.


  1. Please pay attention to your dog at all times. Please be mindful of the short leash, which you will be given when you arrive. Do not let your dog go face-to-face with another dog. Yes, we are sure that your dog is friendly, but maybe the object of their affection does not appreciate having its space invaded, friendly or not.
  • Please understand that this is not meant to be a social experience for the dogs, i.e., it is not the equivalent of a dog park. This is intended to be an educational and cultural event as well as fun for all.
  • Unentered dogs are not allowed in show grooming areas or in the center aisles of the conformation rings where the competition is taking place. Unentered dogs are also not allowed in the obedience or rally areas on the mezzanine (upstairs). Access into certain other areas is limited, please take note of those well-marked areas.
  • For your dog’s safety and health, please remember that many of the dogs entered in the dog show have been exposed to many other dogs at shows around the country before arriving in Seattle. Your unentered dog must be at least 6 months old and be current on all vaccinations.
  • Community water bowls are not provided. Please bring your own water bowl for your dog.
  • Flexi-leads or retractable leads are not allowed. You must use the lead that you will be given at the entry door.
  • You will also be provided with “poop bags” on entry. Please clean up after your dog.
  • Please visit our vendors, but be watchful of your dog there as many of them find smells in that area that they feel they must attempt to mark (i.e., pee on). The vendors will appreciate it if you don’t let that happen.
  • We welcome you to watch the competition, but keep your dog away from the ring barriers and the entrances.

Exhibitors and Handlers with dogs are charged with absolute responsibility for the CONTROL of their dogs throughout the period the dogs are on the show grounds, including rings, grooming areas and common areas.


Thanks for coming to our history-making Woof By Woofwest, presented by the Seattle Kennel Club

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