2018 Saturday Breed Index

Please refer to the full judging program for the 2018 Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show for further details.

Breed Time Ring
Affenpinschers 8:00am Ring 2
Afghan Hounds 9:00am Ring 8
Akitas 9:00am Ring 5
Alaskan Malamutes 9:00am Ring 3
American English Coonhounds 9:00am Ring 8
American Eskimo Dogs 9:30am Ring 10
American Staffordshire Terriers 11:00am Ring 6
Australian Cattle Dogs 8:00am Ring 7
Australian Shepherds 9:00am Ring 7
Australian Terriers 8:00am Ring 6
Basenjis 9:00am Ring 8
Basset Hounds 8:00am Ring 8
Beagles 13” 8:00am Ring 8
Beagles 15” 9:00am Ring 8
Bedlington Terriers 10:00am Ring 6
Belgian Malinois 2:00pm Ring 8
Belgian Sheepdogs 10:30am Ring 7
Belgian Tervuren 8:00am Ring 7
Berger Picards 8:00am Ring 7
Bernese Mountain Dogs 9:00am Ring 3
Bichons Frise 9:30am Ring 10
Black Russian Terriers 12:45pm Ring 8
Bloodhounds 10:00am Ring 8
Boerboels 12:45pm Ring 8
Border Collies 8:00am Ring 7
Border Terriers 9:00am Ring 6
Borzois 10:00am Ring 8
Boston Terriers 11:00am Ring 10
Bouvier des Flandres 10:30am Ring 7
Boxers 11:00am Ring 4
Briards 2:00pm Ring 8
Brittanys 8:00am Ring 4
Bull Terriers (White) 11:00am Ring 6
Bulldogs 12:30pm Ring 10
Bullmastiffs 8:00am Ring 5
Cairn Terriers 9:00am Ring 6
Cane Corsi 12:45pm Ring 8
Cardigan Welsh Corgis 12:30pm Ring 7
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 8:00am Ring 2
Chihuahuas (Long Coat) 8:00am Ring 2
Chihuahuas (Smooth Coat) 9:00am Ring 2
Chinese Cresteds 9:00am Ring 2
Chinese Shar-pei 12:30pm Ring 10
Chow Chows 12:30pm Ring 10
Cirnechi dell’Etna 8:00am Ring 8
Collies (Rough) 9:00am Ring 7
Collies (Smooth) 9:00am Ring 7
Coton de Tulear 11:00am Ring 10
Dachshunds (Longhaired) 8:45am Ring 10
Dachshunds (Smooth) 8:00am Ring 10
Dachshunds (Wirehaired) 9:30am Ring 10
Dalmatians 12:30pm Ring 10
Dandie Dinmont Terriers 11:00am Ring 6
Doberman Pinschers 9:00am Ring 4
Dogue de Bordeaux 12:45pm Ring 8
Eng. Toy Span. BL & PC 9:00am Ring 2
Eng. Toy Span. KC & R 8:00am Ring 2
Finnish Lapphunds 3:00pm Ring 7
Finnish Spitz 12:30pm Ring 10
Fox Terriers Smooth 10:00am Ring 6
French Bulldogs 8:00am Ring 10
German Pinschers 2:00pm Ring 8
German Shepherd Dogs 8:00am Ring 7
Glen of Imaal Terriers 8:00am Ring 6
Great Danes 8:00am Ring 4
Great Pyrenees 10:00am Ring 5
Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs 9:00am Ring 3
Greyhounds 10:00am Ring 8
Havanese 9:00am Ring 2
Ibizan Hounds 2:00pm Ring 10
Icelandic Sheepdogs 10:30am Ring 7
Irish Terriers 11:00am Ring 6
Irish Wolfhounds 10:00am Ring 8
Italian Greyhounds 9:00am Ring 9
Japanese Chin 10:00am Ring 9
Junior Showmanship* 10:30am Ring 2
Keeshonden 12:30pm Ring 10
Kerry Blue Terriers 10:00am Ring 6
Komondorok 2:00pm Ring 8
Leonbergers 9:00am Ring 3
Lhasa Apsos 9:30am Ring 10
Lowchens 11:00am Ring 10
Manchester Terriers (Toy) 9:00am Ring 9
Mastiffs 9:00am Ring 5
Miniature American Shepherds 12:30pm Ring 7
Miniature Bull Terriers 11:00am Ring 6
Miniature Pinschers 8:00am Ring 9
Miniature Schnauzers 8:00am Ring 6
Nederlandse Kooikerhondjes 8:00am Ring 1
Newfoundlands 10:00am Ring 5
Norfolk Terriers 8:00am Ring 6
Norrbottenspets 10:45am Ring 5
Norwegian Buhunds 3:00pm Ring 7
Norwich Terriers 8:00am Ring 6
Obed. Beginner Novice A 11:15am Ring 22
Obed. Beginner Novice B pm Ring 22
Obed. Graduate Novice Class 10:10am Ring 21
Obed. Graduate Open Class 8:10am Ring 21
Obed. Novice Class A 10:45am Ring 22
Obed. Novice Class B 10:30am Ring 21
Obed. Open Class A 8:40am Ring 21
Obed. Open Class B 9:10am Ring 22
Obed. Preferred Novice pm Ring 21
Obed. Preferred Open 10:00am Ring 22
Obed. Preferred Utility 8:30am Ring 22
Obed. Team Unit 2:30pm Ring 22
Obed. Utility Class A 8:00am Ring 22
Obed. Utility Class B pm Ring 21
Obed. Versatility 8:00am Ring 21
Old English Sheepdogs 10:30am Ring 7
Papillons 10:00am Ring 9
Parson Russell Terriers 8:00am Ring 6
Pekingese 10:00am Ring 9
Pembroke Welsh Corgis 1:30pm Ring 7
Petits Basset Griffon Vendeen 8:00am Ring 8
Pharaoh Hounds 10:00am Ring 8
Pointers, German Shorthaired 8:00am Ring 3
Pointers, German Wirehaired* 9:00am Ring 5
Pointers* 10:45am Ring 5
Pomeranians 9:00am Ring 9
Poodles (Miniature) 11:00am Ring 10
Poodles (Standard) 2:00pm Ring 10
Poodles (Toy) 10:00am Ring 9
Portuguese Podengo Pequenos 8:00am Ring 8
Portuguese Water Dogs 12:30pm Ring 3
Pugs 8:00am Ring 9
Pumik 1:30pm Ring 7
Pyrenean Shepherds 1:30pm Ring 7
Rally Advanced A* 9:45am Ring 23
Rally Advanced B* 9:45am Ring 23
Rally Excellent A* 8:45am Ring 23
Rally Excellent B* 8:45am Ring 23
Rally Intermediate* 11:00am Ring 23
Rally Master* 8:00am Ring 23
Rally Novice A* pm Ring 23
Rally Novice B* pm Ring 23
Rat Terriers 9:00am Ring 6
Ret, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling* 9:00am Ring 5
Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay* 1:30pm Ring 3
Retrievers, Flat-Coated 10:15am Ring 4
Retrievers, Golden* 10:45am Ring 5
Retrievers, Labrador 10:30am Ring 3
Rhodesian Ridgebacks 11:00am Ring 8
Rottweilers 12:30pm Ring 3
Russell Terrier 10:00am Ring 6
Saint Bernards 8:00am Ring 5
Salukis 12:45pm Ring 8
Samoyeds 1:30pm Ring 3
Schipperkes 9:30am Ring 10
Scottish Terriers 10:00am Ring 6
Setters, English 8:00am Ring 3
Setters, Gordon* 8:00am Ring 5
Setters, Irish 8:00am Ring 3
Setters, Irish Red & White* 8:00am Ring 5
Shetland Sheepdogs 1:30pm Ring 7
Shiba Inus 9:30am Ring 10
Shih Tzu 11:30am Ring 9
Siberian Huskies 12:45pm Ring 4
Silky Terriers 11:30am Ring 9
Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers 10:00am Ring 6
Spaniels, Clumber 9:45am Ring 1
Spaniels, Cocker (ASCOB) 8:00am Ring 1
Spaniels, Cocker (Black) 9:00am Ring 1
Spaniels, Cocker (Parti-color) 9:00am Ring 1
Spaniels, English Cocker 9:00am Ring 1
Spaniels, English Springer 9:45am Ring 1
Spaniels, Irish Water 11:00am Ring 4
Spaniels, Sussex* 1:30pm Ring 3
Spaniels, Welsh Springer 8:00am Ring 4
Spinoni Italiani* 10:15am Ring 2
Staffordshire Bull Terriers 11:00am Ring 6
Standard Schnauzers 1:30pm Ring 3
Tibetan Mastiffs 8:00am Ring 3
Tibetan Terriers 11:00am Ring 10
Toy Fox Terriers 9:00am Ring 9
Vizslas 8:00am Ring 1
Weimaraners 8:00am Ring 1
West Highland White Terriers 10:00am Ring 6
Whippets 8:00am Ring 8
Wirehaired Pointing Griffons 8:00am Ring 1
Yorkshire Terriers 11:30am Ring 9