2018 Meet the Breeds

Have a favorite breed that you’d like to see?  Our “Meet the Breeds” Ring 43 gives you an opportunity to meet several dozen different breeds first-hand.

AkitaSaturday10:00 am
Alaskan MalamuteSaturday11:30 am
Australian Cattle DogSaturday9:30 am
Australian ShepherdSaturday1:30 pm
BasenjiSaturday11:00 am
Basset HoundSaturday1:00 pm
Bearded CollieSunday12:30 pm
Belgian TervurenSaturday10:00 am
Berger PicardSaturday11:30 am
Bernese Mountain DogSaturday12:00 pm
Boston TerrierSunday12:00 pm
BoxerSaturday12:30 pm
BulldogSaturday1:30 pm
Cavalier King Charles SpanielSunday12:00 pm
Chesapeake Bay RetrieverSaturday12:30 pm
ChihuahuaSunday11:30 am
CollieSunday11:00 am
DachshundSaturday12:00 pm
DalmatianSaturday10:00 am
Doberman PinscherSaturday11:00 am
DreverSunday1:30 pm
English Toy SpanielSunday12:30 pm
Entlebucher Mountain DogSunday11:30 am
Estrela Mountain DogSunday11:00 am
EurasierSaturday10:30 am
Field SpanielSaturday9:30 am
Flat-Coated RetrieverSunday10:30 am
French BulldogSaturday12:00 pm
German Shepherd DogSunday11:00 am
German Shorthaired PointerSaturday10:30 am
German Wirehaired PointerSaturday1:00 pm
Glen of Imaal TerrierSaturday10:30 am
Glen of Imaal TerrierSunday10:00 am
Golden RetrieverSaturday1:30 pm
Gordon SetterSaturday11:00 am
Great DaneSaturday10:30 am
Great PyreneesSunday10:30 am
Ibizan HoundSunday12:30 pm
Icelandic SheepdogSaturday12:00 pm
Irish WolfhoundSunday1:30 pm
KeeshondSunday10:00 am
KooikerhondjeSaturday10:00 am
Labrador RetrieverSunday12:00 pm
MastiffSunday1:00 pm
Norwegian BuhundSunday10:30 am
Norwegian BuhundSunday12:30 pm
Old English SheepdogSaturday12:30 pm
PapillonSunday12:00 pm
PekingeseSaturday12:30 pm
Pembroke Welsh CorgiSaturday2:00 pm
Pembroke Welsh CorgiSunday10:30 am
Portuguese Water DogSunday1:30 pm
PugSaturday9:30 am
Rhodesian RidgebackSaturday1:00 pm
Saint BernardSunday11:30 am
SalukiSaturday2:00 pm
SamoyedSaturday11:00 am
SchipperkeSunday10:00 am
Sealyham TerrierSaturday11:30 am
Sealyham TerrierSunday11:00 am
Shiba InuSunday11:30 am
ShikokuSunday1:00 pm
Siberian HuskySunday1:30 pm
Spinone ItalianoSaturday1:30 pm
Standard PoodleSunday1:00 pm
WeimaranerSunday10:00 am
West Highland White TerrierSaturday11:30 am
WhippetSaturday9:30 am
Yorkshire TerrierSaturday1:00 pm